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Social Media

CD Cheerleading Twitter Account – @CDCHEERLEADING

CD Cheerleading Instagram – CDCHEERLEADING

Public Facebook – Central Dauphin Cheerleading – activities, information, and pictures for all to see.

Private Facebook – Coaching staff will add cheerleaders to private group named Central Dauphin Cheerleading after they join the public group. All instructional videos, band dances, cheers, and sidelines are on this Facebook group.

GroupMe Messaging App – Coaches primarily communicate with cheerleaders through an application called GroupMe.  Parents are welcome to download this app and receive these messages as well.  Please follow these steps to get it done:

  • On your phone, search the App Store for the GroupMe app, download it, and launch it.
  • Follow the prompts to setup the application. To receive notifications when messages arrive, select YES during setup (recommended).  It will also ask to access your contacts’ phone numbers (this is NOT necessary).  
  • Close the app and text Coach Lori at 717.982.0369 and tell her you have downloaded the app.  She will add you and the next time you open the app, the CDHS cheer groups will be there!
  • There a four chats: CD Cheer, Varsity Cheer, JV Cheer, and Comp Cheer.  you may see one or all of these depending on what team(s) you’re on.  Be sure to use the proper chat group to communicate with the right people.  In other words, don’t post a question about a varsity game start time in the JV chat group.  Good luck!

CD Cheer Calendar – If you have a Google account, you can add the CD Cheerleading calendar to your Google calendar and view it on your laptop or cell phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop.  Here’s how:

  • On your desktop/laptop, open your Google Calendar and sign in. You can only edit Google Calendar sharing settings from a computer – not a phone or tablet.
  • In the pane to the left of the calendar, click Other calendars.
  • In the Add a friend’s calendar box, enter CD Cheer’s email address ( and press Enter.
  • The CD Cheer calendar will be added to your account.

If you already have your Google calendar pulled into your Apple or Android phone or your desktop/laptop, you’ll now see an option for the CD Cheerleading calendar there as well.