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2017-18 Varsity Team

CD Cheerleading is proud to announce the following members of the 2017-18 Varsity Cheerleading Team:

  Hannah Carricato (12)
Anna Deter (12)
Cordelya Meade (12)
Samantha Mosey (12)
Raquel Perez (12)
Anali Purdy (12)
Allasandra Valdez (12)
Lauren Williams (12)

 Itaya Bryan (11)
Elizabeth Ebert (11)
Brianna Flythe (11)
Kayden Johnson (11)
Kerri Marks (11)
Kaylin Reuwer (11)
Lauren Staub (11)
Maggie Zuvich (11)

 Milena Dorris (10)
Samantha Dunn (10)
Rebecca Eckenroth (10)
Tierra Fuller (10)
Brianna Garcia (10)
 Josephine Rudy (10)
 Kate Henning (9)


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