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Pre-Owned Warmup Sale

Do you want to make a little money or save a little money?  It’s time for the pre-owned warmup sale!  If your senior is graduating or if your cheerleader’s warmups are getting too small, consider selling them to a fellow cheerleader.

All pre-owned warmups should be in good shape (no visible stains, tears, or other wear), freshly laundered, folded, and ready to go.

Here’s the process to SELL the pre-owned warmups:
– Contact Dawn Fuller ( and provide the following info:
– Your name and contact information.
– The specific items you are selling (pants, jacket, or both) and the sizes of each item.

Dawn will compile a list of the sellers.

Here’s the process to BUY pre-owned warmups:
– Contact Dawn and request the list of sellers.
– Contact the seller(s) that have the article(s) of clothing you need.
– Make arrangements with the seller to try on the clothing and negotiate a price directly with the seller.

Traditionally, pre-owned items are re-sold at half of new purchase price, but that is completely up to the buyer & seller.  As fast as these girls grow and as much as these warmups cost, this pre-owned sale has been a good approach for us to try to keep costs down.

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